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Shipping and Return info

Hello there, Babycakes!

As you know, the hot summer months have arrived!

With the higher temperatures comes my most difficult issue with making and shipping Babycakes products - - the melting in transit!

Since the Babycakes: hair and body butter contains no chemical emulsifiers or lab-created stabilizers, it soften significantly over 85 degrees, and melt completely over 95.

This means if the temperatures between my home (middle Tennessee) and your home (including inside the mail truck) are over 85-95 degrees, your products will likely arrive liquified.

 Here's what that means:

You will think there's a problem with the product. There is NO problem with the product - it just prefers fall/winter/spring temperatures. Can you blame the Babycakes??

Babycakes: hair and body butter is whipped to emulsify the ingredients together while they solidify so that when you apply it to your hair or skin it is a sweet homogenous blend of yummy ingredients that moisturize, heal and generally make hair and skin happy. The price for each jar is factored based on the whipped volume per jar - not on 8 ounces of liquid oils.

 What can you do??

 Get the package out of the heat as quickly as possible, open your jars, see if it's totally liquid. If it isn't... just let it sit at room temperature in your house and it will solidify just like normal. If it IS melted to a liquid, let it sit out with the lid on and every few minutes or so give it a good shake. It will gradually decrease in temperature to re-solidify. You can refrigerate if you like or put it in a bowl and re-whip, but you will lose some product on the bowl and mixer beaters.


Only order September-April.

I know.... not a great option.


Please try to also remember...

I'm a busy mom of 12 kids, 2 dogs and a guinea pig. I run this business out of my kitchen while also taking care of kids who always come first on the to-do list.

I try to always ship within 2 weeks, but I also only ship on Monday-Wednesday so that your products aren't sitting on a hot mail truck or in the warehouse over a full Sunday.



Products that are damaged in shipping (such as crushed and the product is lost) or that melt to the point of oozing all over the packaging, will be replaced with an appropriate amount of lost product. I don't expect you to pay to ship it back to me, but please allow me to replace a small loss with a smaller jar of product. A full loss will be replaced in full, but I do need photos. I'm just a momma-run business, friends... this isn't Amazon. :)

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