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What's in the jar?


  • Wherever possible I purchase fair-trade, organic ingredients.
  • babycakes is made with all natural products. No animal testing, no animals in the jar...
  • babycakes contains NO water, or other filler products. You are paying for pure oils and butters blended into heavenly goodness.
  • babycakes contains no gluten/wheat protein or wheat oils.

*****Please test in a small location on allergic individuals before all-over body use!!*****

(if you have a concern about a specific ingredient in a product, please email to discuss this!)


What's NOT in babycakes?

  • Water
  • Filler liquids
  • Anything that comes with a warning label
  • Chemicals with 15 letter names
  • Anything ending in -ate or -ous or -ite


Which product do I need?

I often get questions about the babycakes products.

Which product do you need for which use??

How do you know what to order?

Here is some (hopefully) helpful information for you!

  • babycakes: hair and body butter - This is the original moisturizing product I created. 99% of you are here to order this product. It's for moisturizing tightly curled hair (like on my Ethiopian babies, ethnic hair types) and all skin types! I use this as an all over body moisturizer for myself and all 12 of my children. I love this as an after-shave moisturizer straight out of the shower, and I keep it by the kitchen sink for dish-pan hands!
  • babycakes: babyface- Anti-scar, anti-aging product that I created upon turning 35 and having a mini-meltdown. I make my own Calendula oil from dried organically grown flowers to use in this product as well as Argan oil! I discovered that Argan Oil is being used for combating wrinkles and other signs of aging, but that it is also used to help get rid of scars! My Ethiopian kiddos have some old scars that have faded somewhat since I've been using it on them also!
  • babycakes: Curlicious cream - I created an all natural, moisturizing curl-holding product out of sheer desperation and wanting to find something natural to help hold these tiny loose curls in place with definition! I think this is a really great product and reviews have been great! Apply to wet hair, comb through, do "comb curls" or "shingling" on the hair to define individual curls, and let dry naturally!
  • babycakes: honey butter - This is the product I use for holding braids, twists and keeping curls in place... but I also use it for knees, elbows, cuticles and rough patches of skin. You can warm this in a bowl of warm water or just hold it in your lap while you are styling hair and it melts enough to be used easily. You can use this as a moisturizer, but it does not absorb easily into the skin. 
  • babycakes: lip butter- This is my all-natural, highly-addictive lip moisturizer! It is always peppermint scented.


Product solutions:

I have super dry skin/eczema
- babycakes: hair and body butter. On the ordering section choose 4 or 8 ounce, natural or scented. (There is a new product in development called babycakes: ouchie butter, and when it is available it will be made especially for damaged, hurt skin like eczema and chafed skin due to weather or diaper rash.)

I have AA children and want an all-natural moisturizer, and also something to add moisture to their hair. The product you will need is the original babycakes: hair and body butter. On the ordering section choose 4 or 8 ounces, natural or scented.

I need an all-natural styling product for holding braids/twists in place without using alcohol-based gelsHoney Butter is the blend I use at home for styling for braids and twists. It does not leave a crunchy-texture to the hair but holds while also adding moisture. Apply generously down the section of hair you are braiding, braid or twist as usual. It may take up to an hour for all of the Honey Butter to soak into the hair. You can speed this process by using a hair dryer on low to gently warm the butter while it is in the hair/braids/twists. Curlicious Cream will act like a hair gel on loose hair or boys wide-curl-patterned hair. It's also reported to be wonderful on little vanilla girls and women with super curly Italian hair, too!

I have super dry spots - heels, knees, elbows - and my cuticles are peeling this winter! Help! Honey Butter will help with this for sure! It's thicker formula doesn't soak in as quickly and helps to protect skin and nails from drying environments.


How do I use babycakes: hair and body butter?

1.  For all skin tones:

  • babycakes makes a GREAT after-shower moisturizer.
  • babycakes is perfect for putting on super-dry skin like hands and feet before bed. Wear cotton gloves for added healing. (tip: don't wash the gloves and use a special pair of socks for several days in a row while you sleep. The oils that are absorbed by the cotton gloves will stay in the gloves and only enhance the moisturizing of your skin in the nights to come!)
  • I also use babycakes: babyface as a before bed facial moisturizer as well as for spot-treating dry patches of skin caused by sensitivity or eczema.

2. For ethnic hair care and styles:

  • Put a small amount in the palm of your hand.
  • Rub hands together.
  • The warmth of your body will melt the oils into a liquid.
  • Apply to damp hair. (can be used on dry hair, but it's not my favorite method)
  • After shampooing, I use babycakes to add oils back to the hair.

3. Deep conditioning:

  • similar to a hot-oil treatment, dampen your hair and use babycakes (melted in your hand) working from the ends up towards the scalp. Cover with a shower cap and let it stay on your hair for as long as you like! Soak in the tub, read a book, clean the house (ha ha!) and then go wash your hair as usual.

Still have questions? Email Chrissy at babycakesbutter@gmail.com



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