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Melted Babycakes?? What to do now!


Emulsifiers. Stabilizers. Gums. Thickeners.

All crazy lab created chemical compounds to keep stuff on store shelves looking and feeling just like it did in the factory. 

Problem is... they also contain things like hormone-disrupting compounds. 

Hefty trade-off for a well-whipped lotion!

Since Babycakes is made with only pure oils and butters from plants, seeds and nuts... and NEVER any of those crazy emulsifiers... it's quite possible that your Babycakes whipped products may melt in transit, or in the diaper bag in the car, or on vacation... or they may melt anywhere the heat is above around 85 degrees F. 

This is a pain. 

I know. It's a pain for me, too. 

I wish there was a way for me to magically ship packages via fairy riding on a unicorn following a cool arctic breeze all around the planet, gently delivering your Babycakes into your sweet little hands all the while maintaining a nice 68* temperature from me to you.


Since that unicorn technology is still years away, please follow these directions if you open your package and hear sloshing oil in your babycakes jars.

You have two options: let it cool to room temperature and use it thickened more like a "salve" texture (I hate the word "salve").... OR... you can cool it down quickly and re-whip.

1. Get two bowls - one large enough to hold 8-12 ounces of product that will fit your hand mixer beaters, one larger than that to fill with ice water.

2. Fill larger bowl with ice water, set smaller bowl inside larger bowl to create an ice water bath for the babycakes. 

3. Pour babycakes into second bowl and whip on low speed with hand mixer until it has chilled and reached fluffy, light consistency.

4. With rubber spatula, scrape whipped Babycakes back into original container.

5. Have all of your children "clean" the rest of the bowl clean and wipe it on their bodies! :)

If you have other problems, please email me at [email protected] 



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