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September/October ordering info!

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Hi guys!

This will be an exceptionally long ordering window. I'll leave ordering up until Oct.3rd then ship the week of Oct. 23. I will be traveling and my baby brother is getting married, so I'm leaving space to not be a total lunatic this month. :)

The limited edition scent is cinnamon/clove! It will be light enough for all over use and for children, not like those harsh bags of scented pine cones they store by the door at craft stores that knocks you over with cinnamon scent when you walk in this time of year.

Thank you for your continued support!



February/March Limited Edition Scent!

Going on the theory of "if you blend it, it will come"... the scent for February into March will be lemongrass/basil! Bring on the fresh herbs and butterflies! Tomato plants in the ground and fresh cucumbers!(Can you tell it's been a little dreary around the mid-south this February??)Lemongrass Essential Oil is known for its invigorating and [...]

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January Ordering Window

Guess what!? It's today! The ordering window is OPEN!A couple of things:1. "Babycakes: Calm" is listed under "limited edition". It's the traditional Babycakes blend with added Magnesium oil! See description on the actual product page. I will see how it does and then decide to offer it permanently.2. Limited Edition scent is a special blend [...]

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August Limited Edition Scent: Chillax!

Hi everyone! I'm hoping this format for updating the limited edition scent of the month will save me some time as I don't have to edit each product separately. The Limited Edition scent for August (which will be the same for the Hair & Body Butter and Oil) will be "Chillax".It's a blend which has been very [...]

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Melted Babycakes?? What to do now!

Emulsifiers. Stabilizers. Gums. Thickeners.All crazy lab created chemical compounds to keep stuff on store shelves looking and feeling just like it did in the factory. Problem is... they also contain things like hormone-disrupting compounds. Hefty trade-off for a well-whipped lotion!Since Babycakes is made with only pure oils and butters from plants, seeds and nuts... and NEVER any [...]

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Which "hair and body oil" is best for me?

I've received many questions about the new product and the scent availability. Here's a cheat sheet for ordering my new product! For everyday moisturizing for hair and skin...choose "Babycakes: hair and body oil". (it will also happen to have naturally occurring SPF) For everyday moisturizing with sun protection (approx spf20)- choose "Babycakes: hair and [...]

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Scheduled ordering window information!

In order to make things run WAY more efficiently in our home and business, I'm instituting a week-long ordering window per month!I will send out an email a week before the window opens and once just before it closes, as well as promoting it on Facebook during that time period.After that, I can compile orders, [...]

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