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babycakes: hair & body oil

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This is a variation on the original product I created and named Babycakes!

**It has been reformulated into a liquid for summer shipping!**

This summer version will come in an 8oz bottle with a pump and contains all liquid oils and low-melt-temp butters as well as Carrot Seed Essential oil to add a touch of sun-protection! (*due to FDA legal mumbo-jumbo I'm unable to tell you a SPF or even label it sun-protection, even though Carrot Seed EO adds approximately 20spf when added to a product.)

It's used for moisturizing tightly curled hair (like on my Ethiopian babies, ethnic hair types) and all skin types!

I use this as an all over body moisturizer for myself and all 12 of my children. I love this as an after-shave moisturizer straight out of the shower, and I keep it by the kitchen sink for dish-pan hands! 

Babycakes is made with all plant-based, natural ingredients that are known to help heal, protect, moisturize and rejuvenate skin from the outside in! 

I never water-down my products because water serves only as a cheap filler to stretch otherwise expensive ingredients into a larger quantity for a greater profit! I don't want to pay for watered-down products, and I won't sell them either.

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